Importance of Test Manager TM

Test Manager TM helps in organizing & controlling the testing process by tracking the artifacts like Test cases , Defects & Execution results in one single common location for many Clients/Projects and it can be accessible over the distributed Environment

Centralized Repository :

Test Manager TM maintains all the artifacts in a centralized repository which gives one single view on the Test cases & its Execution Summary ,  where as in our traditional methods we find we difficult to maintain when we have people in the team.


Link Requirements

We can maintain requirements and track the requirement coverage by mapping the test cases with the requirement.

This helps in Identifying & tracking the uncovered/missed requirements so that we can add new test cases or update our existing test cases and we cover it as part of testing.

We can also track the review comments for the test cases during the review process.

Consolidated Summary & Report

Test Manager TM helps in maintaining the test cases Release/Sprint wise and it provide the Summary & Coverage report for the Test cases.

we can easily track the daily/monthly Test Execution & Defect Summary.



Test Management

It allows the user to categories the test cases based on the Priority,Component,features and to select the test case for different test suites like sanity, Regression suite.

We can assign the test cases to a tester & test results are track with defect ids for the failed cases.


Current Market demands for development & testing teams to work in distributed environments and also on the same features. Additionally, software complexities are growing which leads to increased number of test cases. The release cycles are shrinking to deliver the product under the popular Agile Methodology.

Test Manager TM is a cost-effective solution which fits in for both agile and traditional projects

Key Points:

  • Centralized repository for all test cases and test results
  • Test cases are organized in a hierarchical structure and traceable
  • Feature coverage can be prepared by linking requirements and test cases
  • Multiple projects can be maintained
  • Users have defined roles
  • Reporting and test metrics
  • Multiple reports and charts are supported [Module/Iteration/Sprint wise report multiple build execution report ]
  • Requirements-based testing

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